Furniture Stripping of Any Finish

Stripping of wood and furniture is a delicate process and Allison’s has the experience and capabilities to handle any wood based stripping job. Although it’s not the prettiest part of the process, we do take pride in training our workers properly in safety and procedure.

Chemical stripper is used to remove the old, clear finish off of a piece of wood or furniture—it does not remove stains which have penetrated deep into the wood’s pores. Depending on the piece of furniture, the stripper is either hand applied or dipped in a stripping tank. Old finish residue is then gently removed with a nylon brush or scraper and rinsed, then permitted to dry.

We strip all types of wood products, even metal. Our applicators are able to remove all types of lacquers, paints, varnishes and specialty coatings.

Allison’s complies with strict Maricopa County Air Quality (MCAQ) department standards in our stripping area and takes every precaution necessary to ensure a quality work environment. All excess waste material is disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. Read more about our Green Practices.

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