Wood Finishing

Wood Finishes, Better Than Original

Allison’s Furniture has over 25 years of experience in matching any color or type of wood finish available. From standard color matching to exclusive designer painted or distressed finishes, we can do it all. Our finishers are meticulous in their practice and are absolute perfectionists.

  • Color matching/Staining
  • Painted Finishes
  • Faux Finishes
  • Distressing
  • Glazing

Our finishing department also has a wide array of final clear coat finishes available depending on the application or customer’s desire. Most commonly we use a lacquer based finish, but have several finishes to select from.

  • Pre-Catalyzed Lacquers
  • Conversion Varnish-KCMA approved finishes for kitchen cabinets
  • Specialty paints
  • Water based stains and lacquers
  • Oil
  • Hand rubbed

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